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iNA™ COVID-19 One-Step qPCR/PCR Test Kits

✔️ High Sensitivity & Specificity
✔️ No Equipment Required
✔️ Short Operation Time
✔️ Reliable & Easy-To-Use
✔️ Low Costs

iNA™ COVID-19 One-Step PCR/qPCR Rapid Test Kits combine Nucleic Acid amplification and lateral flow immunoassay for detection of COVID-19 infections. The Test Kits utilize Reversed Transcription-PCR/qPCR technology to amplify the target RNA sequence of Coronavirus, and can increase sensitivity & specificity by targeting DNA-based specimen. The Rapid Test cassettes can be read comparable to a pregnancy test providing superior results in only 5 - 10 minutes.

Download the latest product brochure to learn more about our iNA™ COVID-19 One-Step PCR/qPCR Rapid Test Kits.

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