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About INB

About Instant NanoBiosensors

Founded in 2016 as a spin-off of the National Program on Nanotechnology from the Ministry of Science and Technology in Taiwan, Instant NanoBiosensors Co., Ltd. is a start-up specializes in biosensor platform development. Led by co-founders Tsun-Chih (Tony) Chung (CEO), Lai-Kwan Chau, Ph.D., and Shau-Chun (Paul) Wang, Ph.D., our dynamic and problem-driven R&D team operates on the mission to advance biomedical research and improve patient care through providing customers with simple, reliable, and cost-effective solutions. Our state-of-the-art fiber optic particle plasmon resonance (FOPPR) technology offers instant and accurate results for a wide range of detection applications. Through combining novel biomarkers with our cutting-edge biosensing platform, we aspire to revolutionize traditional immunoassays and analyses for a more efficient healthcare ecosystem.​​​​​​​

Without light, there is no life. At Instant NanoBiosensors, we believe we can save lives with light.