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iNA™ Automated Nucleic Acid Purification Platforms

✔️ Highest Purity, Yield & Reproducibility
✔️ Pre-filled Reagent Kit Assortment
✔️ No Cross-Contamination
✔️ Reliability & Easy User Interface
✔️ Cost-Effectivity

iNA™ devices are fully automated platforms for the purification of nucleic acids that can process between 1-16 or 24 biological samples of various types simultaneously per run. Based on Liquid Handling and Magnetic Nanoparticle technologies, it replaces traditional extraction methods by minimizing human interaction mistakes and cross-contamination. High operation accuracy is resulting in residue-free elute products with superior yield and purity results. iNA™ aNAP platforms are suitable for any subsequent use in demanding research or diagnostic applications.

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