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Biomarker Analyzer: INB-D200

The INB-D200 Biomarker Analyzer, a label-free, real-time, and low-cost sensing platform, is based on the Fiber Optic Particle Plasmon Resonance (FOPPR) technology which takes advantage of the multiple total internal reflections in an optical fiber to offer superior detection limits. The dual-channel design offers self-referencing during real-time detection can reduce thermal and bulk-composition effects to further compensate nonspecific adsorption of biomolecules of complex samples. 

Product Features

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Core TechnologyFOPPR
Signal ObtainedAffinity, Specificity, Quantitation, Qualification
Sample TypeProtein, Antigen, Plasma, Serum
Analysis TemperatureRoom temperature
Molecular Weight Range> 10 KDa
Signal Noise< 0.015 % (RSD)
Sensitivity~ pg/mL
Analysis Time5 - 15 min
Sample Volume100 μL
Recording Mode of Binding SignalStatic (without syringe pump)
Sensing TypeLabel-free and real-time detection
Sensing ChannelTwo individual sensing channels 
Special DesignSlider design for sensor chip protection
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